It wasn’t you, baby. it was just hormones.

Hi there - did you know that your menstrual cycle is actually a gift for your creativity?

We are having so much fun looking at our cycle as exactly that, a gift!
Picture your ovaries as a launch pad for ideas.
Great, right?

An invitation to let our bodies guide us through receiving ideas, birthing them, nurturing them, ditching the rest and then going into receiving mode once again. No matter what, tune in and let your cycle guide the process. Use this pack as a conversation starter. With yourself and with others. A gentle reminder of our innate perfection.

All we really want to say with this sticker is:
It wasn’t you, baby, it was just hormones.
If you doubt yourself - check the wheel.

We can’t wait to see your ideas in the world.

Awareness (high)heals!
With love and laughter,